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Technology Company

CycloTech is an Austrian research and development company that transformes the Voith Schneider propeller (VSP) into a revolutionary, superior propulsion system (“Cyclogyro rotor”) for the aviation industry.

The Startup CycloTech’s patented technology is currently the only Cyclogyro rotor concept in the world delivering high rotation speed, sufficient thrust, and efficient energy consumption for a truly competitive alternative system for aircraft propulsion.

In cooperation with Pelikan Publishing, Ellly Film, the client CycloTech, incorporating international experts, Atelier Zichy designed the website as well as contributed illustrations and worked on ideas for the videos.

Oberflächen Design / Consulting & Art Control

live view CycloTech

To get complex information across to interested customers and investors, all essential technical data of the CycloTech technology where either animated or shown in a specially produced video. These where made by ELLLY Films for CycloTech, few animations where developed and produced by the Atelier Zichy. All this is incorporated in to the site.

Through the Content Management System, the site can easily operate by the customer. It can be expected that further adaptions of the site, because of  coming researched results through the CycloTech Innovations, will be published regularly.