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The section CULTURE Projects documents the different assignments for theatre-, film-, or music productions and exhibitions, and sometimes productions or programs that took place within a series projects.

GLOBAL KRYNER, the SHAKEPEARE FESTIVAL, the stand-up comedian CHRISTOPH SPÖRK and the exhibition BOARDING PASS TO PARADISE where developed in cooperation with cultural managers, architects and artistic directors and finalised through the Atelier Zichy.

The internationally renowned musicians BINDER TRIO, was founded by the pianist Otmad Binder for whom the Atelier Zichy has contributed the events design for his concerts.

The film company MAKIDO commissioned the Atelier Zichy to develop its new presence. A completely new Corporate Design was designed in this case by Atelier Zichy.

GLOBAL KRYNER & CHRISTOPH SPÖRK Music Group & Stand-Up Comedian / Musician


Corporate Design

GLOBAL KRYNER Music Group – Logo Redesign

In 2004 Christoph Spörk founded the band GLOBAL KRYNER and commissioned from the very beginning Atelier Zichy to design the visual of the programs and CDs.  Since 20 years Christoph Spörk was well known as one of the founders, clarinettist, composer and vocalist of the satire music band Die LandstreichFor which many famous artists had performed together with Christoph Spörk.

The group GLOBAL KRYNER received the Amadeus Award and contributed Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev.  They where awarded for their exquisite satire with the Prix Pantheon and successfully played in large international Festivals and Concerts within and outside of Austria and at different international TV shows.

GLOBAL KRYNER where well known to combine jazz elements and traditional sounds with pop music.  In 2013 the solo project of stand-up comedy CHRISTOPH SPÖRK replaced the project GLOBAL KRYNER.

GLOBAL KRYNER Music Group– CD & Program Material


GLOBAL KRYNER Music Group – Website

live view Global Kryner

CHRISTOPH SPÖRK Stand-Up Comedian and Musician – Logo / Program & Website Design

live view Global Kryner


Open-Air Theatre Festival

Art Direction


SHAKESPEARE-FESTSPIELE AUF DER ROSENBURG – Catalogue for the play “Falstaff”

Alexander Waechter a member of the ensemble of the Viennese Theater in der Josefstadt became in 2004 the artistic director of the SHAKESPEARE-FESTSPIELE AUF DER ROSENBURG.

Before Alexander Waechter withdrew from the position as head of the Rosenburg festival he commissioned Atelier Zichy to be the graphic designer of the theatre program „Falstaff“ , a Shakespeare-Adaption, and for the play of Moliére’s „The Hypochondriac“ called in German der eingebildetet Kranke.

The Atelier created very humorous and concise Key-visuals and Event logos, Ads, catalogues, billboards and banners, the vehicle graphic for all the cars and SUVs, as well as all printed matters for and about the performances. Graphic elements for the Website where as well part oft he assignments.

SHAKESPEARE-FESTSPIELE AUF DER ROSENBURG – Catalogue for the play “Der eingebildete Kranke”


Exhibition Design

BOARDING PASS TO PARADISE – Wandgestatung / Katalog

Architectural Renderings of the Exhibition by the Architect Georg Schrom

BOARDING PASS TO PARADISE is a narrating exhibition about the escape route of two young artists fleeing the Nazi regime; to finally be detained in Mauritius.  Peretz Béda Mayer survived the ordeal and Fritz Handel committed suicide.  The emotionally stirring exhibition was made possible in collaboration with Museums in Israel, the Czech Republic and endowed by Austrian Funds.  The Austrian exhibition was displayed at the Shipping Centre on the Danube near the Viennese bridge Reichsbrücke and was also shown throughout Museums in Israel, the Czech Republic.

The architect oft he exhibition: Georg Schrom suggested the Atelier Zichy and was assigned by the Organizer Milli Segal to create the visual fort he exhibition.

Since the exhibition showed mainly the work the two artists made during their escape by boat and their stay in Mauritius, as well as works of Peretz Béda Mayer made after that in Israel, the catalogue was meant to be designed like a logbook in a captains cabin and to make a reference with the Typography to the lettering of 30th & 40th transporting systems.

A timeline visualized the chronology of the events and enabled visitors of the exhibition and readers oft he catalogue to comprehend both biographies.  The different eras of the escape as well as the time after are emphasized with different colours throughout the exhibition as well as in the pages of the catalogue.


BOARDING PASS TO PARADISE – Katalog Innenseite mit Zeitleiste

BINDER trio – Musicians

Couple of years ago BINDER Trio was founded by the pianist Otmar Binder.  Besides his performances as a supporting artist oft the renowned Chansonnier Michael Heltau, Otmar Binder is a very busy musician.  Known as well as a soloist – at home on different stages throughout Europe – and as a producer of his much-vaunted CDs “Boogiewoogie Turnaround” and “Dabei”.  The band consists amongst others of Christian Dozzler, Geri Schuler and Pedal Steel-virtuoso B. J. Cole.

Amongst the vast amount of Otmar Binder projects the artist, devoted to the pop music of 1980th, contributes to charity events like for instance:  Médecins Sans Frontières.

He hired the Atelier Zichy to design the album covers “Boogiewoogie Turnaround” and „Dabei“ as well as for the Logo of his Label „Jump Records“ and for the ads of his different concerts and performances.

For this exquisite artist and his band powerful a visual language was created together with the German photographer Christoph Hellhake.

Branding – CD Design for the program “Boogiewoogie Turnaround”

Big picture: BINDER TRIO “Boogiewoogie Turnaround” Ad

live view otmarbinder.com

CD and Cover/Digipak


The target group of the BINDER Trio are not mainstream consumers and the repertory is shaped by the Otmar Binders personal style. Therefore the Austrian audience is a privy cycle of music fans. An urgent wish oft the band is to get also young listeners enthusiastic about their excellent oeuvre.

Outside of Austria’s boarders the artistic work of this Trios has been very well appreciated. Through the Internet in- and outside of Austria an all-round supply of music has been made available for fans. That’s why it got necessary to create a very international Image for the Trio.

Otmar Binder is very keen on to ensure, that in the personal branding of the band and in the product design higher listening is the obvious message.  Which is mirrored from label, to the CD’s throughout to all the advertising measures as well as in the online appearance. All this is strongly toned by the masterly work oft the photographer Christoph Hellhake.

CD und Cover

Branding – CD Design for the program “Dabei” and concert announcements

CD and Cover/Digipak

CD und Cover

Logo – Label “Jump Records”

MAKIDO – Film Production

Corporate Design

Logo – Examples and Stationary

The German-Austrian film production owned by known producer Golli Marboe was founded in 2013 and existed till 2015. The producer is known through his Docudramas for the German-French TV station ARTE and the TV station 3Sat as well as for the ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, and for the series „Donauklöster“ featuring the monasteries along the Danube, which still can be seen on TV.

The wording MAKIDO means MArboe, KIno, DOcu and is a follow up of his previous film company “Sternstunden”. The „O“ with the star in the middle refers to the light beam of projectors, but also to the previous company “Sternstunden”. Which means; an hour of glory and literally; hour of stars.

Atelier Zichy developed for the film company MAKIDO a Logo for all printed matters, environment design and a Logo adaptation for the on screen closing titles.