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HARL Consulting

Management consultant

HARL Consulting is a Team of management consultants in Klosterneuburg near Vienna, specialized on company organization and company restructuring. Besides the classical company organization a range of comprehensive businesses supporting services are offered.

Additionally a distribution of specific software, organisation of management seminars and of business related award presentation ceremonies within and outside oft the EU are products offered by HARL Consulting. The international Network of HARL Consulting is based on Partners that can be found in Austria as well as in the neighbouring countries or outside of Europe.

To work with such a known and profoundly knowledgeable company was for the Atelier Zichy a great recognition of the Atelier Zichy’s work on their part. It was challenging and very exiting task to create a new visual for HARL Consulting.  And very satisfying to continuously supply different design services for print and for the needs of the online services of HARL Consulting.

Corporate Design – Logo / Stationary

Big picture: HARL Consulting Logo

HARL Consulting business printed matters: letterhead and printed company appearance

HARL Consulting printed matters for Seminars

Rollup and wrapper

Most of the business circles around HARL Consulting are well-established companies with many years of market presence. Though many companies have to restructure since the development of existing and coming sales markets require new approaches. Plus these well-established companies’s positioning and brand communication has changed drastically since they started. Which of course changes and enlarges the service offered by HARL Consulting.

To support HARL Consulting during its renewal process Atelier Zichy received very precise ideas about the planning and goals. Which was the foundation on which the researching about and a clear understanding of the needs of HARL Consulting’s main target group was based on. Build on this an applicable Corporate Design for HARL Consulting was created. The Print- and online presence of HARL Consulting from then on derived from the CD.

The Logo with its striking Claim conveys professionalism and innovation. Colours -, material and style match the recognition criteria of this industry. But seems modern and very concise. The „A“ of HARL symbolizes a roof which means: comprehensive range, orientation and support in shaky times for companies in a globalized world. This roof repeats itself as recognizable pictogram on all materials of HARL Consulting. As well to mention is that the founder of HARL Consulting, Alfred Harl has a very welcoming and competent relationship to all of his clients therefor the „A“ of „Alfred“ that symbolise a roof is a strong identification for the client himself. It is a little symbol for a really warm hearted business Angel.


HARL Consulting Christmas cards

Weihnachtskarte Vorderseite
Weihnachtskarte Vorderseite
WEihnachtskarte Innenseite
WEihnachtskarte Innenseite
Vorderseite der Verpackung für die Weihnachtspralinen
Vorderseite der Verpackung für die Weihnachtspralinen