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Energetics expert


Energetics experts are mostly independent service providers that achieve physical and energy balance of a client through different techniques. They don’t belong to the category of commercial therapists nor offer medical services common to a larger public, though are still in need to get more general acceptance.

MANAGIE is a technique developed by Maria-Gabriela Auersperg and is applied by her self onto clients. Therefore it was important to visualize MANAGIE in such a way that it speaks to the costumers of her sophisticated clientele.  Further it was a exiting to fulfil the task to create an up-to-date and optically appealing design for a target group that is usually extraordinarily reluctant to seek for alternative treatment methods.

Corporate Design – Logo / Stationary / Image Folder

MANAGIE Image Folder and Business Card

Based on the Corporate Design created by the Atelier Zichy the folder of MANAGIE was developed in cooperation with Maria-Gabriela Auersperg according to her goals, needs and resources. As well as all printed and online appearances that followed.

The colour scale of MANAGIE is based on the Chakras, which are the subtle energy centres between the physical and the ethereal part of the human body.

Additionally to the Logo a claim, as well as the content was developed in cooperation with Maria-Gabriela Auersperg.

Most photos where shot especially for MANAGIE by Viola Zichy.  Who installed and managed all needed apps and social media for MANAGIE.


MANAGIE Logo- and Claim development

MANAGIE Website draft

live view managie.at

Website Entwurf